In Quickie

How are you doing? I know it’s been tough for some time now especially with everything happening in and around you lately. I just want to say Thank you for holding it down till now. You’ve endured quite a lot for a lady that has given so much to its children. I wish I had a magic wand, and just turn things around and make things better for you and us – your children.

I know there are times when I wish you’d hurry up and just change and metamorphose into this city of lights and be compared to other two cities, but then I’ve learned the art of taking things one step at a time. You’ve held us together and you’ve even shown us that regardless of how different we are as siblings, we can still call you home. My elder siblings have been kind enough to show me bits about you that have made me love you. They’ve also told me stories of how you’ve held on strong even when things look like it’s all going down south.I promise to always do my best and give my 100% whenever you call me and say “Omo mi…”

#DearIbadan, You’ve helped me see that I can be a better person by improving each day that comes. Thanks for the food, the music, the sights, the sounds and the calm that you carry with you all the time. I know people would still tell you. How slow you’re and how backward you can be; but none of that matters because I believe in you.
I love you Ibadan.
Your Child

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