Chapter 3: Making it Legal!

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In the Previous Chapter: The rules of engagement had been laid out. Follow them and no one gets hurt, literally. It was time to make it legal. I will never quite understand the stress paired with the Nigerian legal system. Well they say nothing good comes easy so I’ll take it.

As usual, we arrived pretty early. With a mother like mine, lateness is not an Option. We, yes we because family counts, were the 3rd Couple to be legalised, which at the time we thought would be a good thing. In our heads it meant a short wait, in and out, you know, how things SHOULD go. But all those thoughts lived and died in our heads. For a session that only took 10 minutes, we waited for over three and a half hours in an area that was not suitable for waiting in Nigeria’s hot weather. But hey, with love comes sacrifice and my sister’s joy was the utmost priority. Funny how I leave my brother-in law out of it, but it’s all love. So yeah, the stress of waiting was just one of those things that we had to deal with but as always the smiles and affection shared was all worth it.

In the end, the dotted line looked them in the face and without fear or jitteriness, they boldly signed their names. Where was I? Taking pictures of this wonderful moment of these two individuals.

In the words of Lao Tzu, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Guess what these two have. Both.

– Lahnray Orion


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