Chapter 6: SPG

In New Borns

Our Family Tracking of our Loyal ambassadors continues, the only thing I can write about today is the moment I experienced meeting my then few days old niece for the very first time in person . Yes am an Uncle So call me Sir. Uncle Lahnray Orion. Anyways when she was born, I must admit, I didn’t feel too different. I knew I was an Uncle, but I didn’t quite know what that meant; I didn’t know how to act. I was so clueless. I realized being a great uncle to my niece is going to be easy. I know that may sound egotistical, but allow me to explain.

Holding my niece, wanting to watch my niece, wanting to play with my niece, wanting to teach my niece about this crazy thing we call life is all I want to do now, Even as she sleeps, I wish I could pick her up and hold her. Seeing my sister as a Mother, seeing her Hubby as a Dad, seeing my Mom & Dad as Grandparents, and my sisters as Aunties… it’s a sight to behold.

I’m telling you all, this uncle thing is crazy. It really is, and I may be new to it, but when I say I’m ready to do it, I couldn’t be surer of myself. When I said being an uncle was going to be easy, it’s only because I can’t imagine what about it would make it hard. There’s nothing about being an uncle I don’t want to do. Sign me up for everything it involves because I’m ready for this next phase in my life more than I’ve been ready for anything else.

Of course, when people read this they might think all of this gushing I’m doing over my niece is coded language for wanting a kid of my own. As if to say now that I see my sister with a baby, it’s starting to spawn thoughts of wanting one of my own, but I really think that’s a stretch. I’m not ready nor am I saying I want to be a father anytime soon. All I’m simply saying is I am ready to be an uncle, and I look forward to every minute of this experience. But just in case…

Dear Future Mrs. Orion,
My Daughter MUST be a Fair Beautiful Maiden with Dimples cuz I cannot carry last when my niece is this fine Or else its back to sender Oo
Your Sincerely
Present Mr. Orion

To those who think my expectations for Mrs Orion are too high… Lol… Check her below. No Shenanigan just Her. Introducing My Very Special Black American, Chinese, Yoruba, HolyGhostFilled, TonguesSpeaking, DemonCasting, Latino Niece. :D  #ProudUncleMoment. ♥ ♥ ♥

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