Chapter 7: One Year Later . . .

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I have had the opportunity to watch the beautiful babe for the past year. Every single day I spent with her I understood what true love truly means and why people call babies a bundle of Joy. I know this sounds cliché but its not. Whenever I go visiting there this joy (not happiness, but Joy) as soon as you set your eyes on them.

Like I said before this Uncle thing is crazy. It really is, but so far so good I think I believe I have done a wonderful Job to the best of my understanding (don’t worry future Mrs. Orion I gat you). I am not gonna lie, its wasn’t always rosy, especially when you can’t tell why they are uncomfortable or why they are crying, due to the language barrier, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to make them happy and comfortable. This lady right here . . . She makes me HAPPY!

Anyways, here are some of my favourite shots from her ‘one year weekend celebration’ (one day wasn’t enough for her). This is what happens when you have beautifully-gorgeous (Yes I Know ) camera ready One Year Old who has a Badass Photog for an Uncle. Baddest Uncle Ever Liveth **In Olamide’s Voice**  :)

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