Day 3 – Still On the Matter…

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It’s the third day of the Nationwide Strike on the Fuel Subsidy removal. The protest, in my opinion, concerns more issues than JUST the fuel subsidy removal including but not limited to misappropriation of funds, oppression, corruption and the people’s distrust for the government as a whole. Well, in an effort to show some positivity, OrionPixels set out to capture these moments of unity amongst Nigerians.

We arrived at GANI FAWEHINMI PARK, Ojota, Lagos, though not early enough. The park was already filled to brim with protestors with many spilling outside. Needless to say, Nigerians were not smiling. In attempts to capture the brighter side of the protest, we decided to focus on the protestors and the captions on their placard. Funny but meaningful  things.

I do want to commend Lagosian because it was truly a peaceful protest. The fears I had before arriving at the park disappeared as soon as I arrived.  To be perfectly honest it felt more like a carnival of some sort. There were Pastors, Imams, Celebrities, Actors, Directors and the Musicians present who performed for the protesters. Kudos  Lagosian,  kudos.

“They say Nigerians are known for suffering and smiling”

but it’s safe to say Nigerians are now speaking out – Lahnray Orion.

Femi Kuti present to Show Support

Afolayan present to Show Support

Who actually Stands to Gain…. Its definately not the Masses


I want a Government that I can trust, a Government that Lacks CORRUPTION!

I am very angry because Beer is now very expensive and I can get as high as I used to

all because of the removal of fuel subsidy – Clint the Drunk (Comedian).

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