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December is here! There is this feeling that usually comes with December, one of which is that the very fact the year is coming to an end is enough to drown you with an ocean load of feelings. I am so behind on blogging, if my mom were here, she’s most likely say “you are such a bad boy/Man”, I know, but this is usually a very busy time for us photog. Many times I get excited to blog but due to some contract limitations set its impossible to do so. We take our Clients SERIOUSLY! This month, would do my best and am sure I would make it up to you.

Recently, I had a photo session with two ladies of great personas simultaneously, it was quite interesting merging two people who were literarily Words and Opposite but the one thing they had in common they loved good pictures. They differed from skin colour to size and everything in between. It was quite tough selecting pictures to post from the lot but, as usual I am going to post some of my favourites and keep this short.

P.s I am going to let you guess who is camera shy and who is not. So feel free to guess in the comments below. Araberly is light skinned and Brownie is Dark Skinned.

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  1. Me think Araberly is the camera shy one..of course you tried to bring the glamorous model out of her…Brownie on the other hand?..that is one unshy personality…great

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