E-Session: Nessa & Henron

In Pre-Wedding

Hello! . . . it’s me . . . I was wondering if after all these years months you’d like to meet . . . To go over everything. . .  they say Yup, I know we have all heard the song like a “Thousand T – I – M – E – S”  . . . but actually, that’s the dialogue  I was having with myself a while back (my “cousin” – Aunty Adele just happened to sing about it) cause I have been away from the lovers circle for a while now but now am back.

So, after being contacted by Henron, for this e-session, I was slightly concerned about what his demeanor would be like and how would this affect the shoot. I know Henron personally, and he can be quite stiff. He is quiet and reserved and definitely not a fan of pictures. Now that’s just the perfect recipe for a photographer’s nightmare, especially in this photography genre. Fortunately, Nessa was on ground to save the day and she did a wonderful job. What would we do without women?

I shoot a lot of portraits that I forgot how it feels to shoot  engagement sessions. To be honest, it was definitely one of the most frustrating shoots I have had in a while. Like really everything you could have possibly thought of went wrong – from the ridiculously cold weather, to raining just as we about to commence and not stopping till we were about to wrap up, to faulty or uncooperating equipment. Thankfully, they were very patient through it all. I really enjoyed this shoot with them, they seemed to really get into it and dare I even say enjoy it. Really looking forward to seeing them again on their wedding day.

Below are some of the images we created. Special thanks to the ever-capable Rena for assisting during the shoot

No, this isn’t random . . its Rudolf  – Did I mention that Nessa is a HUGE fan of reindeer?

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