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Generally, Christmas in Nigeria is a family event, a time when lots of family members come together to celebrate and have fun. Most families, that live in cities, travel to the villages where their grandparents and older relatives live. Lots of food!!!!

It Christmas once again and there is a name that tends to trend during this period and that is Santa Claus. Many of us don’t believe this folklore but what if it were true? better yet  What if Santa Claus is NIGERIAN? What tribe/Ethnic group would he hail from? What would he be like? . . . but first there are a few differences between Santa Claus (Foreign) and our Father Christmas. Feel free to add yours in the Comments Below, and the most creative or original comment would stand a chance to win in the OrionPixels Christmas Giveaway.

  • Santa comes to you, you go to Father Christmas.
  • Gifts from Santa are free, you pay for gifts from Father Christmas.
  • Santa’s gifts are properly wrapped, Father Christmas.’s gifts are in a nylon bag.
  • Santa rides in the sky, Father Christmas sits on a chair inside a room or in a hut.
  • Santa is abroad, Father Christmas.is in . . . Well you know . .  .

We want to wish everyone a Merry Pixels Christmas. Remember to do GOOD!

Jabbama be salla Kirismati

E keresimesi Oma / Iselogbe

 E ku odun! / E ku iye’dun

Who Needs Reindeers when you can Fly?
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Fada KissMas

MUA – Deeva Looks

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