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It’s no longer news that the OrionPixels™ Team aspires to be more than just “picture takers” but a company that impacts the world around them through photographs. Here is a group of young creative minds made up of students of Covenant University, Ogun State, Nigeria, current and past, who have also taken it upon themselves to positively impact the world around them.

The Smile Care Initiative is a non – profit organization that is essentially concerned with putting eternal smiles on the faces of millions of people all over the world by meeting the material and spiritual needs of the less privileged and transforming their mentality by convincing them of the possibility of a bright future through a hope in Christ Jesus.

Back to my post… It was an impressive time at Wesley’s for the School of the Hearing Impaired located at Surulere, Lagos Nigeria. It became more evident to me that you don’t have to talk to communicate.  Seeing children communicate through sign language was one of the dopest things I had ever seen. These individuals at Wesley’s did not only communicate through sign language, but they take their skills further to act plays. I actually spent more time watching them than actually taking pictures.

To say I was in awe is a HUGE understatement! The sight of individuals speaking through sign language, people who at some point may have wanted to give up but instead pushed themselves had me so engrossed that I only have a handful to showcase. If you spend time with them u would know one second is too long a time.

The Smile Care Initiative donated a website (, a DVD player, a camcorder and most importantly put smiles on the faces of their audience. Though donations and smile placement has become a part of the organizations duty, the most important still remains their drive. Teaching life lessons to the less privileged and those disadvantaged to help them move on in life is the organization’s duty and the endeavour to make that the forerunner of their actions. While SmileCare Initiative is still a growing family, it remains focused on touching lives one step at a time.

Everyone sees a problem but not everybody is willing to do something about it, Certainly the Smile Care Initiative are part of the few actually doing something about it. If you would love to support their good work, please visit their website.

Contrary to what many believe. this actually means I LOVE YOU and not some Illuminati Ish

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