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It’s November already! :o November? How can this be possible? I remember saying Happy new Year a mere 310 days ago. 🤔 Hmmm maybe it’s been a while, but still wow. How far have you gone on your resolutions, remember them? 😂 Well, one of mine was to shoot more guys. To be honest, I haven’t done badly tho, (I wish) but thankfully there’s still time and hopefully I will get more guys shot before the year runs out.

Moving on, it’s not every time you get the opportunity to put makeup on a guy. I mean, like they really willingly accept to be tortured by brushes, powders, mascaras just to name a few  (I guess that’s one of the many perks of being a photog) . Thankfully, Mr. Lewa is such a good sport and he allowed us channel his inner ancient Egyptian awesomeness which was one of the looks we wanted to create. 

Special Shout out to our MUA Moyo’s Oreo

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