#MadeOfBlack: Lysah

In Portraiture

So recently Guinness Africa Started the Campaign #MadeOfBlack and it got everyone talking (or at least got me talking) because this isn’t what we are used to or what we see every day.

They believe that “Black is an attitude. Black asks why not. Black re-writes the rules. It creates. It’s got swag. And you can bet that it dances to a different beat”. If you ask me I would say Black is EVERYTHING! yup. . .  its Free, Beautiful, Strong, Captivating, Charismatic and so on

Anyways that’s not why we are here. . . based on the #MadeOfBlack Campaign, We teamed up with Lysah Marie to create images that were #MadeOfBlack or largely in black and white/ Monochrome. See my favourites below :)

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