Moments With Mae!

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We finally got down with [arguably] one of our Biggest Fans [not in size, this time but in deeds]. Some might say its been long over Due but its better late than never. She’s one of those people who have the uncanny ability to never run out of postures or get tired in front of a camera as long as the photographer keeps shooting.

A real Natural. It makes one wonder why this [session] wasn’t done earlier. Here are some of the moments we captured. So you can see for yourself. Enjoy! even though its few weeks late, we finally got the go ahead to publish

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  1. awwwww, dz z rili nyc…mae z so pretty n ol da work lanre n m expecting myn soon…

    • I know right, Anyways Thanks, Hopefully yours would come Soon

    • Yeah, She is and her Name is Mae not Dayo
      P.s ** whispers ** It wasn’t a Tall Fence ….Don’t tell anyone

  2. These are absolutely astonishing. That i know the photographer, and the model, makes me feel so proud. Will like to work with you both in the future.

  3. image 22 also caught my attention
    this image stands out
    there was no expression captured
    there was no pose for the picture
    i doubt if this particular shot was planned but still it captures a lot
    ….. hmmm…..

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