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As the Month of October – The International Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end; we draw the curtains on what has been such an emotional experience. We hope we have been able to leave you smarter, wiser and very much aware.

Bottom line, the best defence is education and early detection. They are the greatest aid in fighting this disease. Once again, our prayers go out to all the individuals and families afflicted by this disease and all Survivors for their courage and strength.

Special thanks go to RoseMary. We salute her bravery and strength in sharing her story in order to raise awareness. Read her Story HERE

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Remember to do Monthly Self Examinations. Protect the Girls! You are never too young or too old to have Breast Cancer. “See information at Breastcancer.org. We recommend [self-breast exams] to women, as they are complementary to other methods of detection. They are free, convenient and may be the one way a cancer could be found early – when it’s most likely to be curable.”


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