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Its been while. Ladies & Gentlemen #ProjectPluss is back! (*in Falz voice*). If you do not know what #ProjectPluss is all about here is a recap. (its been over 3 years already so be merciful )  You may ask “Why did we decide to resuscitate this photo series?” Well, 2 reasons 1.) Over time I have lost count of people asking about this initiative. what happened to it? when is the next one etc. 2.) err . . . because we can I mean why not? The main purpose of this photo series is let every woman know that they are beautiful no matter the size or shape they come in. Just be Healthy.

So our latest “Curvist” (yes that’s a Word!) . . . is Jenifer Enujiugha aka JenyZest. A while back, we made a Casting Call on our IG & Facebook pages respectively and Miss Jenny was one of those that answered. She may be a familiar face to some as Miss Jenny wears a lot of caps. She such an animated character.

If you’ll like to join the #ProjectPluss movement, Send a mail containing your details and some images to pluss[at]orionpixels.com


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