#ProjectPluss: Miss March aka Tiffany

In #ProjectPluss

So we promised a Second Part of our First curvaceous thick beauty and yeah we know some of you may have gotten weary. While we accept that this took longer than planned we must also admit that the turn out was overwhelming. The truth is, I kid you not, we were just being overtly selective on which models to put, too many beautiful ones that we did not want to make every other lady you look at look any less beautiful. Jk. Jk. Anyways rather than just going “And here are the pictures for part two” as I was intending to do, I wish to just reiterate the purpose of this project that OrionPixels has embarked on.

It is a celebration of women in all shapes and sizes with a direct focus on women labelled as “plus-size” which includes women from sizes 12 and upward. While in this day and age, women have become more empowered politically, intellectually and socially, there are still campaigns which, subliminally, take shots at how women appear and its sad to say but those subliminal attacks are still reaching the upcoming generation of women and breaking them along the way. So again we are here to celebrate all women, no matter what the shape, what the size, how the look,  you are beautiful. Period.

As Usual,  here is a quote from Beth Ditto. Please Don’t Forget Share, Comment, Like, Tweet, Retweet and if you do please use the # tag ‘#ProjectPluss’ in your tweets. :D

“It’s kind of like a drug… it’s a performance. It’s funny how something so normal and mundane that you see every day – your body – can be so controversial. The shock value is intense. It’s like carrying an art piece around with you all the time. […] It’s really about making an art piece out of what you’ve been handed..


Next time On #ProjecPluss: Miss April.


[toggle heading=’Disclaimer! ‘ formatter=’1’] We at OrionPixels™ STRONGLY believe that Beauty is not and should not be defined by the size of your clothes. The things some have always thought of as deficits, we think they are assets. This is meant not to Stigmatize but only to encourage one to be “proud” regardless of the size of her cloth.[/toggle]

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