Quickie: Tarkwa Bay Island

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So, I finally made it to the Famous Tarkwa Bay Island. To me long enough (I know what you’re thinking, am slow, virtually everyone has been there… but honestly locally made boats and I don’t mix well) anyways after overcoming my fears, decided to get to work, wasn’t about to waste the opportunity. I must say it was time well spent.

This was a brief science experiment, focusing on Chemistry. I mean … when you are at a good location, have a Camera and privileged to have world renowned King ‘Phyky’ and Shutter-Ready Mae Odutola. Those are the perfect ingredients for a Picture Perfect Cocktail. I got the ingredients and tools all that was left is to see how well these elements would mix. I think the results were sweet but I  would leave you to be the Judge.

P.s I know I haven’t blogged in a long while, I Definitely would make it up to you Guys.


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  1. Alright- this is marvelously fantabulous! I love the 9th or 10th? That looks as if the world is rushingly coming to an end. Beauty in shooting is capturing the Perfect Moment. And then that colour?

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