Through My Lens (TML) Lagos™ – Episode 2


April, oh April. I still remember on the 1st of April while others were busy playing pranks, I was busy making plans.  Don’t get me wrong I loved every bit of the jumping out and screaming, “April fools!!”, but things needed to get done; I needed to get things done. So off I went, working constantly and enjoying every minute of it and hating in between. I finally got/have/ am on a much needed break. At this point, I just needed to take time out and just let the gust of air out my lungs. The world cannot or rather, will not pass me by, I wouldn’t let it. I was never a fan of being idle, the whole idle mind= devil’s workshop and my mother and her um, enforcing abilities made sure of that. So I’ve decided to use my ‘mini break’ wisely, meaning I have time to work (I still wonder how I could even use the term “work” anymore) on some of my unfinished Personal Projects.

Contrary to what many of us believe, Nigeria is truly a beautiful and blessed place in a lot of ways and from various perspectives. She may not have the highest rate of tourism but her beauty cannot be debated especially if one of her children is in the room including myself. For my “personal project”, I plan to showcase the beauty that words alone cannot capture, but as the saying goes, “one step at a time”. First stop, Lagos State – The Centre of Excellence.

Lagos is such a fascinating city. From the culture diversity, the late night suya spots, the lavish places to just enjoy life, private beaches, and much more, Lagos holds a spot that many places can’t in my heart. I bet you could ask 10 photographers “What is Lagos like?” and you will get 10 very different and possibly very long answers. Hopefully, through this project, my long answer will be more or less related to my pictures than actual words. As photography is ingrained into my daily life, I tend to shoot as I go. I haven’t actually photographed many of the ‘tourist’ places yet and I probably will eventually get to that but hey, I plan to showcase Lagos from a Different Point of View i.e. my View Finder.

In this Small Episode I focused more on one of the Lagos Metropolitan Area. It’s a perfect blend between the present and the past in terms of structures. As this break continues, I hope to be doing more. So expect more from me and so much more from Lagos.

Here is my Lagos…as I live it and shoot it… God Bless Nigeria.

P.s This is Episode 2. You can Find Episode 1 on our Facebook Fan Page. I Know this Post was abit Long. I guess thats what happens when I have a lot of Time on my hands.

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  1. How do i put this…. Emmmm Madddddddd. I was going to do this when my camera arrived…but you beat me to it and rocked it silly. It’s a mad scenery, broad street and Marina. And it takes a creative mind to see it and capture it so well. For that Ade, I say Kudos, Big ups, Thumbs up, Bravo…. Good job.

  2. And please, Where did u get these view from?
    … I can’t seem to find your exact spot.

  3. the quality of capture is stunning
    the perspective is different(in a good way)
    … hmmmmm….

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