Through My Lens (TML) Dubai™


Dubai is the most popular of the 7 Emirates that constitute The United Arab Emirate. I have always dreamt of my honeymoon in dis paradise in d future but like my friend will say “the future starts from the next second” my honeymoon in Dubai came earlier than I imagined. It was a Business trip. I was to spend Three Solid days with my old Man.  I know what you’re thinking three days? its too small…with my Dad… No way! You are probably right, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences I got for anything in the world. if you have watched ‘In Time’ then you would know a lot can happen in One Day.

Dubai Emirate… a place where TGIF doesn’t exist because Friday is their worship day and Sunday is just like any other working day in any part of the world, Sunday is their first working day (shrugs). Dubai has just 6% of its GED as oil and yet they have the largest manmade Marina, the tallest building in d world, world’s only 7 star hotel, Palm Jumierah the largest manmade Island and more amazing brain children.

I was informed the present Dubai is just 35% of sheik Mohammed’s dream hmmm you’ll wonder what else the remaining 65% will be. Dubailand that’s what they call it.

In My old man’s words “I know Nigeria can be this good but not in my own generation hopefully d change will happen in your own time.” Even though Dubai was close to perfect I love my country despite its imperfection. Truth be told Dubai is the best tourist Centre but definitely won’t make the best home for me. No place like home!!!

My only regret would be I did not have the luxury to spend more time to explore Dubai. Shukran gazilan– Thank you very much (I learnt something in Arabic and now you know it) 

Below are some highlights while my Dad was doing Business. Enjoy!

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  1. hello mae, is there a way i could be subscribed to your posts, i cant find a link, i find your pictures really beautiful, and interesting, it’s painful i never got to meet you in person in school. nice work miss.

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