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You are probably wondering what “TOAK” means or even trying to pronounce it. Read on, and I would tell you. I believe that every girl has some type of manly gesture or trait, even if they don’t want to admit it. Some girly girls are afraid to reveal their masculine side, and some girls just don’t know how to put their masculinity aside.

Sometimes the Manly girls don’t have the luxury of being a Girl or engage in girly activities like Getting dressed up, doing her hair and makeup, fashion, getting her nails done, gossiping, going shopping, freely expressing their emotions and basically just the typical stereotypes of being a girl.

Back to the post! BC indicated she wanted to have a shoot and due to her “personality” This wasn’t going to be just a routine shoot, (which was fine by me). Shortly after accepting she told me she wasn’t doing the shoot alone. She said she was coming with Bsye. Together They Are One of A KIND – TOAK.  Personally I believe BC is right in the middle of being a total girly girl to the half way mark between a girly girl and a very manly woman. As for Bsye …Sigh! well one could say ” She Blew Her MIND!”

Even though I think there are certain attributes, traditions, behaviours and characteristics that should separate females from males, it is important to always remember that being masculine isn’t only for boys, but for girls as well.

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    • Bisoyeh is on short hair, while Adebreezy is on long hair. Thanks

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